01 May 2012

Luck will save me

 Click on CC for subtitles in Italian, English, French and Arabic 

The identification and expulsion centre (Cie) in Turin is not easy to miss. It is stuck right in the middle of several blocks of flats. Hundreds of people in Turin every morning look out from their balconies onto the cages and curse the day when the prison spoiled the reputation of the neighbourhood. Abderrahim instead climbs on the balconies to greet from above his former cell mates. And he tries to do his best for them. He interviews them on behalf of a local radio station, does some shopping for them and takes part in the protests against the centre. Hoping that his friends will not be expelled, but that , like Amir, Hassan and Mahmoud, they will be released, waiting for better luck.

Duration: 18 minutes

Direction and camera: Alexandra D’Onofrio

Editing: Antonio Augugliaro

Post production audio: Tommaso Barbaro (Redrum Murder)

Music: Dissoi Logoi

Produced by Fortress Europe with a contribution from Open Society Foundation

“My good luck will save me” is part of the series “La vita che non CIE. Three short films on Italian identification and expulsion centres” produced by Fortress Europe in 2012.

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