01 May 2012

La vita che non CIE. Three short films on Italian identification and expulsion centres


A five year old child who keeps on asking his mother about his father’s whereabouts and why he is not coming back home. The hands of a young man in love which shake out of anger closed in a cage, moments before the riot. And the limbo condition of a man who as a former inmate looks after his friends who are still behind the bars, counting the days still missing until their release. These are the stories of Kabbour, Nizar and Abderrahim. Three names which tell the lives of those who lie behind the statistics of the expulsions machine.
In this manner, the director Alexandra D'Onofrio tries to turn over the aestethics of the borders. So that the figures of the Ministry of the Interior may become once again men and women in the flesh. With a story which goes beyond the Cie (identification and expulsion centre), with a past and a future, inside and outside the cage. And with a universal feeling, be it love, paternity or solitude, with which we all can identify in order to have the certainty that in 2012 travelling is not and cannot be a crime.

Here you can find the presentations and the trailers of the three short films:
Love in the time of Frontier (20 minutes)
Luck will save me (18 minutes)
Daddy's not coming back (15 minutes)

Direction and camera: Alexandra D’Onofrio 

In collaboration with: Gabriele Del Grande 

Editing: Antonio Augugliaro 

Post production audio: Tommaso Barbaro (Redrum Murder) 

Music: Dessoi Logoi

Produced by Fortress Europe with a contribution from Open Society Foundation 

Alexandra D’Onofrio, director and anthropologist, was born in London from Greek mother and Italian father. She graduated in anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. She holds workshops of the theatre of the oppressed and has collaborated with the Italian language school Asnada in Milan. Before the “La vita che non CIE”, she produced the short film “Senso” (which received the Vita Award at the 2007 Milan filmMaker) and the photographic audio-documentary “Caught in between Darkness and Light” on the journey towards the United Kingdom of a group of refugees who left from Milan and got stuck at Calais. At present she is engaged in a doctoral research at the University of Manchester on visual anthropology and applied theatre on the imaginative worlds of the migrations. If you wish to contact her: alexandra.donofrio@yahoo.it

Screenings in the UK:
OXFORD, May 18, 2012, 10am, University of Oxford, Dept of International Development, 3 Mansifield Road, Seminar Room 3
LONDON, May 16, 2012, 9pm, COLORAMA, 52-56 Lancaster Street, London, SE1
LONDON, May 16, 2012, 5-7pm, UCL Anthropology Department, Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 14 Taviton Street, London, WC1H 0BW

Screenings abroad
MILANO, 28 novembre 2012 alle 21,00 alla Casa Loca, viale Sarca 183
CERVIGNANO (UD), 16 novembre 2012 alle 18,00 al Teatro Pasolini, in piazza dell'Indipendenza 34
MILANO, 14 novembre 2012 alle 10,30 al Carcere di Bollate, proiezione riservata ai detenuti, via Cristina Belgioioso, 120
FERRARA, 28 ottobre 2012 alle 16,00 alla sede Cittadini del Mondo, via Kenned 24
TORINO, 15 ottobre 2012 alle 20,30 alla Casa Umanista in via Lorenzo Martini 4/b
BOLOGNA, 11 ottobre 2012 alle 20,00, alla sala Mastroianni della Cineteca Lumière, via Azzo Gardino, 65 ("L'amore ai tempi della frontiera" e "Papà non torna più")
BOLOGNA, 10 ottobre 2012 alle 15,00 alla sala Cervi della Cineteca di Bologna, via Riva di Reno, 72 (soltanto "La fortuna mi salverà")
MONTESOLE (BO), 7 ottobre 2012 alle 15,00 presso l'aula magna della Scuola di pace di Monte Sole
TRENTO, 4 ottobre 2012 alle 20,30 presso il Centro per la formazione alla solidarietà internazionale, vicolo San Marco, 1
MILANO, 14 settembre 2012, alle 19,00 in via Zuretti, con la campagna "Per non dimenticare Abba"
MILANO, 14 settembre 2012 alle 17,30 alla Camera Magica del Teatro Strehler, all'interno dell'Immigration Time del Milano Film Festival (soltanto "L'amore ai tempi della frontiera")
TERAMO, 8 settembre 2012 alle 21,00 presso il campetto dello Smeraldo in via Maestri del Lavoro (soltanto "L'amore ai tempi della frontiera")
ALEXANDRIA (EGITTO), 30 agosto 2012, at 8,00 pm at Cabina cultural centre, 11 San Saba Street, behind the Cinema Rialto
CAIRO (EGYPT), 23 August 2012, at 9,00 pm at the Cinémathèque, 19A Adly Street, Flr 5, Downtown Cairo
LAMPEDUSA, 21 July 2012 alle 21,30, Festival di Lampedusa, Cala Palme (soltanto "L'amore ai tempi della frontiera")
CASTELFRANCO EMILIA, 5 July 2012, alle 21,00 ai Mondiali Antirazzisti, in via Lavichielle 6
BRA (CN), 30 June 2012, all'interno del Festival Corto in Bra, Piazza Caduti per la Libertà, Palazzo Mathis (soltanto "L'amore ai tempi della frontiera")
TRIESTE, 26 June 2012, alle 19,30 alla casa della musica, via dei capitelli 3
GENOVA, 25 June 2012, alle 21,00, nell'ambito di CINEMA GHETTO, piazza Princesa (piazza senza nome), Ghetto di Croce Bianca
REGGIO EMILIA, 21 June 2012, alle 21,30 all'Arena Estiva Stalloni, via Samarotto 10/E
MODENA, 21 June 2012, alle 20,30 alla casa delle culture via Wiligelmo, 80
BRESCIA, 17 June 2012, alle 18:00 al centro sociale Magazzino 47, via industriale 10
MENZEL BOURGUIBA (Tunisia), 16 June 2012, alle 17:30, al Ciné-Club Menzel Bourguiba
MAHDIA (Tunisia), 15 June 2012, alle 16:30 al Ciné-Club Mahdia
QSAR EL HILEL, 14 June 2012, alle 18:00, a Dar El Shebab
GABES (Tunisia), 13 June 2012, al Ciné-Club Taieb Louhichi
HAMMAMET (Tunisia), 10 June 2012, alle 17:30, al Ciné-Club Hammamet, Dar Sebastian
TUNISI (Tunisia), 8 giugno 2012, Ciné-Club de Tunis, maison de la culture Ibn Khaldoun
BERLIN (Germany), June 8 2012, at 9 pm, Südblock, Admiralstr. 1-2
SAVONA (Italy), June 7 2012, alle 20,30 al cinema NUOVOFILMSTUDIO, piazza Diaz
LJUBLJANA, 3 June 2012, alle 20,00 presso A-infoshop, Metelkova Mesto
LECCHIORE, 3 June 2012 alle 21,00 alla biblioteca popolare nomade, Case Orenghi, Lecchiore (Dolcedo)
PALERMO (Italy), May 31 2012, at 19,30 in Laboratorio ZETA, 7 Arrigo Boito street
TORINO (Italy), May 28 2012, alle 20,45, Festival Lavori in Corto, Cinema Massimo, 18 Verdi street
TRAPANI (Italy), May 14 2012 at 17,00, Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, Aula Magna, lungomare Dante Alighieri, Casa Santa Erice (Tp)
GRADISCA (Italy), May 5 2012 at 20,30, "Anche i muri parlano", at CISI, 35 Zorutti street, Gradisca d’Isonzo (GO)
BERLIN (Germany) April 26 2012 at 19,00 in Theaterkapelle, Boxhagener Straβe 99, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
HANNOVER (Germany), April 25 2012 at 19,00 in Zur Bettfedernfabrik 1
HAMBURG (Germany), April 23 2012 at 19,30 in Werkstatt 3, Nernstweg 32, HH Altona
PRATO, March 30 2012 at 21,30 in Ricasoli street, sala del Consiglio provinciale
ROMA (Italy), 27 marzo 2012 at 21,00 in Forte Fanfulla, 5 Fanfulla da Lodi street
FAENZA (Italy), February 20 2012, at 21,00 in Palazzo delle Esposizioni, corso Mazzini 92
FERRARA (Italy), September 30 2011 at 19,30 in Palazzo Massari, Festival di Internazionale

If you wish to organize a screening in your city please write to gabriele_delgrande@yahoo.it