01 May 2012

Love in the Time of Frontier

Click on CC for subtitles in Italian, English, French and Arabic 

We always do all we can to build unbridgeable gaps between “us” and “them”. They run away from hunger, war and desperation. They are refugees, illegal immigrants. That is why, as far as they are concerned, we never think of normal things. Of desires, of youth’s follies, of thirst for adventures or, why not, of love. You would never think, for example, that what triggered the most violent riot at the identification and expulsion centre of Chinisia, Trapani, was a beautiful and moving love story. We got wind of it by chance. So we decided to follow the story all the way and to make a short film of it. With the aid of an audio recorder, a camera and the collection of videoclips shot with their mobiles by Winny and Nizar, the protagonists of the film.

Direction and sound: Alexandra D’Onofrio

Fotography: Alessio Genovese

Editing: Antonio Augugliaro

Post production audio: Tommaso Barbaro (Redrum Murder)

Duration : 20 minutes

Produced by Fortress Europe with a contribution from Open Society Foundation

"Love in the Time of Frontier" is part of the series “La vita che non CIE. Three short films on Italian identification and expulsion centres”, produced by Fortress Europe in 2012.

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