01 May 2012

Daddy's not coming back

Click on CC for subtitles in Italian, English, French and Arabic 

Bogusa does not know how to explain to her little Tareq that his father will not come back home. Therefore she decided to take him to Casablanca, so that they can be together for a while. Kabbour takes them around his neighbourhood, where he grew up as a boy, and yet now those very streets appear foreign to him. And he wants to go back home. To his home, in Abruzzo where he first arrived when he was only 11 years old. It is there where he studied, worked and where he married and had a child. It is there where he lived until the carabinieri picked him up from his house in order to repatriate him back to Morocco. With a piece of paper in his pocket which in the name of the Italian law forbids him to live with his own family.

Duration: 15 minutes

Direction and camera: Alexandra D’Onofrio

Editing: Antonio Augugliaro

Post production audio: Tommaso Barbaro (Redrum Murder)

Music: Dissoi Logoi

Produced by Fortress Europe with a contribution from Open Society Foundation

“Daddy's not coming back" is part of the series “La vita che non CIE. Three short films on Italian identification and expulsion centres”, produced by Fortress Europe in 2012.

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