11 June 2008

Lampedusa Gate to Europe

Vai alla galleriaEvery year, thousands of migrants and refugees from Africa pay smugglers to help them cross the Mediterranean sea to Europe. The Italian island of Lampedusa is one of their main destination. The migrants are sent out on their own from Libya in overloaded boats by their smugglers and often lose their way. Misinformed about the dangers they are bound to face, hundreds never make it across the Mediterranean. Some are lucky to be spotted by the fishermen who report their location to the Italian Coast Guard. Many of those who reach Europe and do not get sent back, find a reality which does not resemble their dreams of a better life. A photo reportage by Mashid Mohadjerin

Vai alla galleriaGate to Europe. Boat refugees in Lampedusa, Italy
Vai alla galleria
Objects left behind on a newly arrived refugee boat, Lampedusa, Italy
Vai alla galleriaSan Nicola Varco. A make-shift migrants settlement
Vai alla galleriaStranded in Libya. African migrants stuck on their way to Europe

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