08 March 2011

They’ve expelled Tareq’s father

HI ITS MIRIAM…THEY JUST CALLD AND SAY THEY SEND KABBOUR TO MOROCCO… They’ve expelled Tareq’s father, who I wrote about yesterday. I received the news from his sister with this text message. She got the news from Kabbour’s fellow inmates at the Centre for Identification and Expulsion in Modena, Italy. They called her this afternoon, when the police took him away. The agents came in after lunch with no notice, told him to get his stuff and escorted him to the airport, probably in Bologna. There, waiting for him in Casablanca, was no one. Because his entire family lives in Italy. His parents, sisters, wife, ex partner and son. The appeal attempted by his attorney, Calisto Terra of Gioia de Marsi, was in utter vain. Kabbour had been living in Italy for twenty years; in any other European country he would already have gotten his citizenship. In Italy the law prohibits him from living with his family. Where are we headed?

translated by Camilla Gamba