01 June 2009

Frontex reports, budget and activities

Frontex, the EU agency based in Warsaw, was created as a specialised and independent body tasked to coordinate the operational cooperation between Member States in the field of border security. The activities of Frontex are intelligence driven. Frontex complements and provides particular added value to the national border management systems of the Member States.

Here you can download some very interesting Frontex official documents

Frontex general annual report 2005-2006-2007-2008

Frontex activities 2006-2007

Frontex-Sea border operations 2007

Frontex-Land border operations 2007

Frontex-Air border operations 2007

Frontex led Eu illegal immigration technical mission to Libya 2007

Frontex Draft Estimated Revenue Expenditure 2008

Frontex Draft Budget 2008

And here you find Frontex planned activities for 2009

We also recommend the report published from the European Council onRefugees and Exiled (Ecre) Defending Refugees’ Access to Protection in Europe. In this paper Ecre examines the numerous border control measures of European countries Frontex to prevent irregular migration and makes proposals for how they should be adapted in order to ensure European countries do not push refugees back to life-endangering situations and that Europe remains a region where people's right to seek asylum is respected