19 November 2011

The sinking of Zarzis and the young men of Jebal Ahmer

Nadar Naffati
Omar Ben Khadar
Hasan Zitouni
Zied Khemiri

Jebal Ahmer, the red mountain, is one of the poorest neighborhoods of Tunis. From here in the last ten years hundreds of young men have crossed the sea to Italy. And dozens have never returned. The last wreck dates back to March 29, 2011. The boat, according to our witnesses, did not leave from Sfax, as the one for the 74 missing that same night did. Rather from Zarzis, far to the south, and with only 46 passengers on board. At least seven of them were from the district of Jebal Ahmer. They aged between 18 and 32. Their names are Ben Khaled Saber (27 years old), Forat Garchi (18 years old, 21 February 1993), Hasan Zitouni (25 years old), Zied Khemiri (21 years old), Omar Ben Khadar (25 years old) Nader Neffati (25 years old), Nabil Boughanmi (23 years old), Moncef Lembarki (32 years old). And these are some of their pictures.

translated by Camilla Gamba