22 November 2011

The Nasri cousins and the Aayari family

Yassin Nasri
Sami Nasri
Ayman el Aayari
Hater el Aayari

Redouan el Aayari

Two families, one shipwreck. That of Sidi Mansour, in Sfax, on March 14, 2011. The passengers who went missing that night are 48. Five of them belonged to two families of Tunis. All relatives. Three cousins from the Aayari family: Ayman el Aayari, Redouane el Aayari and Hatem el Aayari. And two from the Nasri family: Yassin Nasri and Sami Nasri. At the moment we have no other information other than the pictures we’re publishing. Look at them closely, because these these young men will never return to life. Swallowed up forever by the frontier fortress.

Translated by Camilla Gamba