23 November 2011

Ahmed, Akram, Mohammed, Makram and Walid

Ahmed Neqashi
Mohammed Jebali
Outhman Hamraoui
Walid Khalfallah

Akram Manai
Outhman Hamraoui would have turned 26 on April 7, 2011. He left Tunisia three weeks before his birthday. It was March 14. In Sfax had arrived with a louage, the collective taxis from the station of Moncef Bey. In his neighbourhood, Hay Nur, in the capital Tunis, they remember him as a mechanic. In Italy, two cousins and an uncle were waiting for him. Another uncle was living in France. From March 14 Outhman is dispersed along with 47 other passengers who were shipwrecked with him on the route to Lampedusa. These are photos of some of them: Mohammed Jebali, Ahmed Neqashi, Akram Manai, Walid Khalfallah.

translated by Camilla Gamba