01 January 2009

Libya: sign the petition against migrants detention camps

Fortress Europe support the campaign for an international investigation on the detention conditions of migrants and refugees arrested in Libya on their way to Europe. The petition was launched by the directors of the documentary Come un uomo sulla terra. You can sign directly on this page. If you want you can also ask for signatures in your own town, downloading here the paper in Pdf version. After you'll have collected the signatures, contact the directors by email writing to comeunuomosullaterra@zalab.org

the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy- Hon. Gianfranco Fini
the Speaker of the Italian Senate- Hon Renato Schifani
the President of the European Parliament – Mr Hans G. Poettering
the President of the European Commission – Mr. José M. Barroso
the Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security- Vice-President of the European Commission, Mr. Jacques Barrot
the UN High Commissioner for Refugees- Mr. AntonioGuterres

After listening or reading (thanks to the documentary film COME UN UOMO SULLA TERRA) the stories told by African refugees residing in Italy about their journey through Libya,

The undersigned

Believe it is necessary to bring to a halt the violence against thousands of human beings arrested and deported by the Libyan police, to prevent their migration to Europe

Believe that Italy’s responsibility in this framework must be clearly stated. Considering the well- know bilateral agreements entered into by the Italian Government since 2004 whereby Italy provides financial and technical support to Libya for the “control of illegal migration flows”

With this petition we call upon




to promote the establishment of an independent, international committee of enquiry to investigate the procedure for the control of migratory flows in Libya, under the terms of the bilateral agreement with the Italian Government.
In light of this emergency to rapidly send
an international humanitarian mission to Libya to verify the conditions of detainees in the prisons and the detention centres for foreigners.