26 May 2009


TRIPOLI - MAY 26, 2009 - During the night between last Friday and Saturday (the news was reported today) the Libyan Interior Ministry arrested about 400 people in an operation to fight illegal immigration. The operation involved the arrest of human traffickers, almost all of whom were Libyan, and illegal immigrants. The latter were found in a makeshift tent in an area that was not reported, where they were waiting to depart. In addition to ground-based activities, sea-based activities were employed beginning yesterday morning, including three motorboats from the Guardia di Finanza that were given to Libya May 14, and that are now based in Zuwarah, the port of departure for most of the small boats headed for Europe. The report for the first day of patrols, according to local sources, spoke of "normal service". "The 3 vessels patrolled the coast off of Zuwarah," the source confirmed, "and are ready to intervene whenever necessary when notified by other units." (ANSAmed).